Below you find the poll results 2014.

// Panel 1

Lean management 2.0: 
How to transfer business excellence from the blue to the white-collar world?

Panel 1 results

// Panel 2

Emerging markets at half of yesterday’s growth
Unwilling to reform or a victim of industrial nations’ selfishness?

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// Panel 3

Leading the entrepreneurial revolution 
How to change the corporate mindset for the benefit of more risk appetite and to accept that failure is an option?

Panel 3 results

// Panel 4

The flexible organization
How to lead today’s multi-dimensional business

Panel 4 results

// Panel 5

Defining monetary stability
What will be the “new normal” for interest rates and financial stability when the central banks end their programs?

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// Panel 6

Reinventing mature business
What determines the successful implementation of new business models and innovation in corporations?

Panel 6 results

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