Below you find the poll results 2013.

The rise of Schumpeter’s creative destruction

// Panel 1

Financing the future – investing liquidity:
Who takes on the traditional role of banks as intermediaries?

Panel 1 results

// Panel 2

How to shape strategy, manage performance and keep up in an environment of permanent uncertainty?

Panel 2 results

// Panel 3

A monetary prisoner’s dilemma?
Can central banks regain credibility despite their unconventional measures, or is a return to inflation inevitable?

Panel 3 results

// Panel 4

The power of governance or the death of entrepreneurial thinking in management?

Panel 4 results

// Panel 5

The re-birth of functional excellence:
How to guide the organization – and get it right from within?

Panel 5 results

// Panel 6

Energy strategy:
The way forward – how will changes in policies shift the geo-strategic power of Europe, Asia, the US and Middle East?

Panel 6 results

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