Below you find the poll results 2012.

// Panel 1

European Germany or German Europe
What will rescue and what will destroy the European Monetary Union (EMU)?

Panel 1 results

// Panel 2

Non-Bank sources of finance
Need and relevance

Panel 2 results

// Panel 3

The dilemma of the modern organization
Co-responsibilities and the resurrection of the Matrix

Panel 3 results

// Panel 4

The secret of successful company steering
When to prepare the organization for a downturn? How to cope with the upswing?

Panel 4 results

// Panel 5

German Energy Model
An naive experiment or role model for other regions?

Panel 5 results

// Panel 6

Global growth patterns revisited
Which sectors, countries, and markets provide further opportunities?

Panel 6 results

// Panel 7

Bigger but better?
How to overcome the costs of complexity in corporations

Panel 7 results

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