Periodical #17

The Sound Of Silence

We  all  want  to  reinvent  ourselves and pray to the masters of disruption –
but have hard times  in  treading  really  new  paths…

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Periodical #15

The God Particle and Dark Matter - Current Status of
Business and Politics Rather Than Science

It’s schizophrenic.
Most people don’t like changes for themselves.
But when it comes to politics, the desire for change is growing every day.

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Periodical #14

The Times, They Are Changin’

In a 1988 concert, Billy Joel stood on Red Square in Moscow
singing his heart out to show what he could sense:
A strong power of disruption that will change the times.

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Periodical #13

Transition, Transformation, Turning Around - Overcoming the

Infallible gods have “existed” ever since.
Today, we have a new species of Untouchables.

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Periodical #12

When Barbarians Are at the Gate: Managing for Disruptive Innovation…
Let’s take a critical look at innovations, upcoming changes and resulting strategic challenges for business and leadership and let's find out what kinds of barbarians our authors are facing in their business.

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Periodical #11

The Turn of a Friendly Card? Strategies, Distortions, Mischief… In this issue we take a closer look at the deck of cards for business and leadership. In times of volatility, constant changes to the economic and political landscape and little or no growth, what is the friendly card we hope to see?


Periodical #10

Moving into unknown terrain is the new flavor of the month. It is time for risk taking or let’s just call it entrepreneurship for cropping gold. Under the title "Fields of Gold? Competing with Irrational Exuberance" we take a closer look at how companies are paving the way moving forward, balancing responsibility and dealing with the macroeconomic environment of low interest and a lot of cash.


Periodical #9

Strategic and business policy may not yet be wearing Schumpeter ties, but the demand for the economist's idea is more vital than ever. Under the title "Schumpeter Revisited - The Rise of Creative Destruction" we take a closer look at upcoming innovations, changes and resulting challenges for business and leadership.


Periodical #8

As the title "Through a glass, darkly" already suggests – we still don’t have a perfectly clear picture of what awaits us. But we do dare to have a closer look. In this issue, our authors share their expertise and insight on key issues and challenges that we as entrepreneurs are facing: the role of the central banks // e-mobility // rebuilding financial trust // the energy transition // the situation in Egypt // operational challenges // future financing // derivates and regulation … and: the results of our Spring Poll revealing key executives’ views on leadership topics.


Periodical #7

At our most recent Annual Summit thought leaders from business and science shared their insight on the topic of "Growth - in the Eye of the Storm" in lively discussions. Now let’s follow up by further investigating the storm, its impact and, above all, the resulting opportunities!



Working the title “Energy, Economy, and the Euro – what keeps us awake at night”, our authors comment on issues which are driving the economic world. This 6th edition of our periodical includes several articles about the mega topic “energy”.

Get our author’s profound insights on how to address and solve the current challenges regarding various matters.



Let’s agree as a base case that the world economy will grow over a ten-year horizon. Of course, who knows, and so we will not bet everything on it. But as a base case let’s believe in long-term growth, maybe not in Europe, but somewhere in the world.
In 2012 , we do not know what is going to happen. But again, as a base case, let’s agree that there will be another crash at some point down the road certainly in the financial sector and then most likely also in the real economy. So, let’s get ready but let’s keep in mind that whenever there is a crisis we always talk about what we should have done in the good times. Once the crisis is over, we seem to know all too well what we should have done during the crisis.



This much dynamic activity has been rare – beginning with the money markets to the sales markets all the way to the political market.
Under the title “In transit– markets, economies, politics” in the fourth edition of the Stern Stewart Institute Periodical, we highlight the new fundamental conditions with our ever critical and forward-looking view.



What conclusions can be drawn from recent economic and political developments? What scenarios for the future are emerging – and how are companies preparing for them?

In the third edition of the periodical, friends of the Stern Stewart Institute take sides in a highly charged controversy that is threatening to explode. The imbalances in Europe and the world are too great.

Yet despite the current upswing: There is evidence that we have reached a threshold and are seeing far-reaching changes to the contrary in the offing...


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