Everybody takes responsibility in order to create a better future for our students. Everybody takes good care of our school and all our equipment. Everybody contributes with creative ideas and initiatives. We actively transfer responsibility to teachers and students. We focus on what we can do for Schorge rather than what Schorge can do for us.
Freedom of Speech
We encourage differing opinions from teachers and students. We set aside traditional hierarchy. We respect each other for what we do rather than for who we are. We encourage controversial discussions in order to foster new constructive ideas and avoid acting defensively when challenged.
We communicate openly all decisions and change to everybody. We give constructive feedback to students and teachers. We talk about our success and our achievements. But we talk even more openly and quickly about our challenges and failures. We build experience from our mistakes. We build trust by not hiding anything. We inform the board of any conflicts of interest.
Leading Edge
We have the courage to go our own way. We take risks and are willing to accept failure. If in doubt we do it differently rather than how it always has been done. We stay flexible in our mind and change our course at any point of time if necessary. We are disciplined, strive for excellent performance and work hard to achieve our goals.
We value every woman and man the same way. We always act professional and put personal feelings aside. We do not create or spread hearsay. We reply to each other within hours rather than days. We present ourselves in a humble way.
One Team
We support each other and integrate everybody into the team. We enjoy working together and feel excitement about our joint achievements. We create a big family atmosphere. We focus on what we can do for the team rather than what the team can do for us. We are proud to be part of the Lycée Schorge and the Stern Stewart Institute.

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