Education is one of the most valuable gifts – it stimulates the spirit in young people and opens up new possibilities for their future. In Burkina Faso however, the schooling situation represents a huge challenge. The access to education is still limited, especially in the field of secondary schools. Moreover, teachers and students are faced with difficult teaching and learning conditions. The construction for Lycée Schorge started in October 2014. The school will be a secondary school, starting with grade 7 and consisting of seven grades and 350 pupils. The pupils will have the opportunity to receive an intermediate school leaving certificate after grade 10, giving them the chance to learn a practical field, or to receive a secondary school leaving certificate after grade 13 and being able to apply for university.

Big emphasis is put on sustainability and using innovative elements (such as windmills). Architect of the school is the internationally educated and renowned Francis Kere, who was born in Burkina Faso.


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