Typical of every developing Country, almost everybody is a farmer in Burkina - because more than 60% of the population has less than 1 Dollar per day, people need to grow their own food. Apiculture is a smart way to earn something on top.

Beekeeping has a long tradition in Burkina. But the traditional way to produce honey has some disadvantages: it usually includes the use of fire what leads to a bad quality of honey. In contrast, modern beekeeping allows for a better quality and at The Same time the quantity they gain can be increased thanks to our modern practices! So, opportunities to Earn a Good living Based on beekeeping are very good for farmers who are willing to go the extra mile. For them, the honey is a perfect way to earn some extra money and at the same time the bees help to increase their harvest of fruits. Wend Puiré support is to educate farmers, provide equipment and maintain a sales channel for the distribution of their honey-related products. With 60 tons of honey in 2011, Wend Puiré is already one of the major honey producers in Western Africa. And with 500 farmers trained at 3 production sites, the story is continuing.


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